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19th January 2018
Home insurance checklist

Not Sure How To Insure? Check Out Our Home Insurance Checklist

If you own a house, you need household insurance. In fact, if you’re still paying off your bond, your home loan provider no doubt insists on […]
21st November 2017
Proactive vs Reactive – How Can We Prevent Natural Disasters Instead of Just Responding To Them?

Proactive vs Reactive – How Can We Prevent Natural Disasters Instead of Just Responding To Them?

A recent article by the CEO of Australian financial services company Suncorp highlighted some rather alarming statistics. A massive 97 percent of disaster funding is spent […]
1st February 2017
Cape Fires

Fires in the Cape – Are You Covered?

The Cape fires have been in the news on more than one occasion in the past few months. The latest shows the uproar over the negligence of […]
11th January 2017
Buying Property

Buying Property? Read This Before You Sign.

When buying property for the first time, the lengthy process of saving up for a deposit has left you feeling practically intoxicated with excitement and more […]
1st December 2016

How To Secure Your Home This Holiday

In our blog last month we shared the statistics concerning the increase in crime over the month of December. Every day we hear about a new […]
10th November 2016
La Niña

La Niña Is On Its Way – Here’s How to Prepare

The arrival of La Niña is said to bring the risk of heavy rainfalls and high risk of flooding between the months of December 2016 and […]
1st November 2016
home insurance

When to Update Your Home Insurance Policy

The holidays are around the corner. You’ve got your tickets or toll money ready and you’re already coming up with ideas on how to keep the […]
5th August 2016
Are you satisfied with your insurance company

Are you satisfied with your insurance?

At CC&A Insurance Brokers, we’ve always held onto the thought that the quality of our service is not necessarily what we put into it but what […]
15th June 2016
CC&A Insurance Brokers

Simple checks for a healthy geyser

The very last thing you need on these cold wintery evenings is a cold bath. Or worse, water pouring through your ceiling. Your geyser is one […]
16th May 2016
Insurance brokers Durban

Don’t go it alone – 3 reasons to use a broker

They say that insurance is much like toilet paper. When things have gone wrong and you need to make a claim, that’s when you’re likely to […]