9th May 2016

Do Small Businesses Really Need Public Liability Insurance?

Many small businesses opt out of public liability insurance because they don’t feel that they need it. After all, if you run a small home business […]
16th May 2016

Don’t go it alone – 3 reasons to use a broker

They say that insurance is much like toilet paper. When things have gone wrong and you need to make a claim, that’s when you’re likely to […]
8th September 2016

Why would you need Business Interruption Cover?

Business Interruption cover should be right up there on your list of priorities if you’re involved in any type of business with fixed monthly overheads. The […]
22nd September 2016

How does Business Interruption Insurance work?

Life is unpredictable and when it comes to running a business, even more so. So what do you do when you’re faced with the unthinkable? Imagine […]
15th December 2016

Employment Contracts – Do You Need Them?

The end of the year puts many on the hunt for a new job. Better pay, better hours and somewhere that is closer to home are […]
27th June 2017

Don’t Tweet Yourself Into Trouble.

Don’t Tweet Yourself Into Trouble. Social media is a very present and important part of our lives these days, and will continue to make itself present […]
1st January 2021

New Year, New Growth: 3 Smart Ways to Grow Your Business

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash Firstly, we’d like to commend our business clients who have overcome the numerous obstacles that 2020 has presented. If your […]
16th March 2021

How to Protect and Manage Your Income During Covid-19

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash Just over a year ago, we were all happily going about our lives, with no clue about the chaos that […]
1st October 2021

Plan Ahead and Avoid Year-End Panic: 5 Helpful Business Owner Organisation Tips

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash As brokers to many businesses across South Africa, we know how things go when our clients get closer to year-end. […]