Don’t go it alone – 3 reasons to use a broker

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They say that insurance is much like toilet paper.

When things have gone wrong and you need to make a claim, that’s when you’re likely to find that you aren’t covered.

The last thing that you need during those stressful times when your life is upside-down is to discover that you are underinsured. Or worse – not covered at all for this particular problem.

Too many people take shortcuts when taking out insurance. Often they take the cheapest option or one that was recommended by a friend – but how do you know if it’s right for you?

A common misconception is that using a broker means that you’ll be paying more, or you’ll be over a barrel and have to take out what they endorse.

Consider these factors before taking out your next policy:

A broker understands the fine print

Financial regulations have weeded out the industry cowboys and brokers are compelled to follow strict regulations and undergo extensive training. This means that they understand the fine print and the comparative value of each product. So when they sit down with you and look at your needs, they can translate the industry jargon into plain English so that you don’t get caught short.

Brokers disclose their fees 

Under South African law, brokers are obliged to disclose any fees that they charge, and commissions that they earn as part of their service to you. Very often, these costs are covered by the service provider that they are representing with whatever package you choose. So you don’t have to worry about suddenly adding a few zeros onto your monthly policy.

A broker works for you

A broker will look for the best product for you. Brokers have their ear to the ground and can put options in front of you that are best for your personal needs. Some offerings are better than others and it’s great to have someone who knows, do the homework for you.

A broker that you can trust to be available for you, give you the best options and point out potential pitfalls is worth holding on to.  Never underestimate the value of having your trusted friend by your side during a stressful or confusing claims process.

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