Simple checks for a healthy geyser

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The very last thing you need on these cold wintery evenings is a cold bath. Or worse, water pouring through your ceiling.

Your geyser is one of those unsung heroes without which life would be pretty miserable.

Especially in winter.

To coin the old adage – prevention is better than cure. And to that end, we’d encourage you to take a look at these quick tips which can help to extend the life of your geyser – or at the very least, offer some form of early warning system.

Check that you have a drip tray.

These are large plastic containers with their own run-off which will safely drain water away from your house. If you find that there is a significant amount of water in this tray, then it’s worth checking for leaks. A leaking geyser can waste water, electricity and eventually give out – so call in a qualified plumber before it becomes a problem.

Check out your electrics.

Your geyser must be earthed, and the electrical isolator should be within a meter of the tank.

General maintenance.

Most geysers come with a self-sacrificing anode rod. This rod attracts the corrosive elements in the water and, when replaced regularly, prevents rust in the tank. How frequently this rod is changed depends on your water quality and the use.

A geyser blanket keeps the water warmer for longer, which means that it won’t have to work quite so hard. Reducing the thermostat to 60°C will also help to prolong its life – and save you money.

Geysers have a number of necessary safety features which your plumber can check while he’s up in your roof. Certain components need to be replaced at certain intervals, so it’s well worth getting some professional eyes in to double check that nothing is amiss.

Nothing lasts forever, though, so be sure to make sure that your home insurance covers your geyser, as well as the replacement of carpets and damaged items if the worst should happen. If you’re not certain, chat to one of our friendly brokers.