Home Security: Don’t be a Soft Target!

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Crime is, unfortunately, never very far from the minds of the ordinary South African. And while investing in security measures to secure our homes is essential, there are several small things we can all do to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe…


The key is to make access to your home as difficult as possible for would-be housebreakers. Follow these tips:

  • Install electric gates and outside security beams to deter home invaders. Plant thorny shrubs as an extra deterrent.
  • Criminals often use common garden tools either to gain entry to a house or as a weapon against the house’s inhabitants. Lock away all garden tools, ladders and other implements in your garage or shed.
  • Leaving toys, bicycles and other desirable items lying around your property can tempt passers-by to hop into your property. Make sure such items are locked away when not in use, and that your fence and gate are secure and well-maintained, and that you have adequate outside lighting.


We tend to think of hijackings as occurring in unsavoury areas, but did you know that most hijackings actually take place in residential driveways when drivers are entering or exiting their properties? Keep these anti-hijacking tips top of mind:

  • Most hijackings are well-planned and executed by syndicates – they may be watching you, so make sure you mix up your daily routine to throw them off your tracks
  • Most hijackings occur on Fridays, and between four in the afternoon and eight in the evening
  • Ensure your gate is in working order, well lit and shrubs are cut back
  • Remain vigilant, and keep your doors locked.

Remember, we keep you covered in the event of theft or hijacking – contact our team of brokers for more information on home and vehicle cover.