CC&A is committed to offering service excellence to the discerning individuals and commercial organisations.

What We Do

Personalized service

We invest our time into building lasting relationships with our clients. We are quick to understand our partners’ business and personal requirements and create a strong proposition that benefits them.

Individual Assessment of needs and Tailored Planning

We understand that every individual and commercial entity is different. We are not just trying to sell a portfolio of products that suits us but rather, thanks to our commitment to creating and maintaining personal relationships with our clients, we are able to assess each client’s needs on an individual basis and provide solutions that meet those specific needs.

Dedicated Support Team

Our dedicated and experienced brokers are on hand at all times to ensure that any concerns or problems you may have are dealt with efficiently. Here, efficiency, strong management and flexibility of staff back dedicated customer focus. We deliver Operational excellence in sales, service and claim management.

Holistic and Objective Consulting

We deliver a holistic service that takes into account the bigger picture and that each and every service is the right fit for you. Ensuring that every facet of your financial future is accounted for and works within a greater plan enabling the most efficient investment and ultimately ensuring value for our clients.

Insurance solutions under one roof

A range of short term insurance solutions are offered under one roof which include dealing with client queries, providing advice, implementing of cover, updates, amendments and start-to-finish claims processing.