La Niña Is On Its Way – Here’s How to Prepare

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The arrival of La Niña is said to bring the risk of heavy rainfalls and high risk of flooding between the months of December 2016 and February 2017. Flooding will be severe enough to cause damage to infrastructure and bring the risk of losing items that have not been anchored down or stored above the expected water level. We at CC&A Insurance Brokers have taken it upon ourselves to assist our clients in preventing the unnecessary loss of items that will take time and money to replace.

Although we are pleased that areas that have been affected by severe drought will now be receiving the water they so desperately need, rain and flood risk management measures will still need to be put in place.

Here are a few ways to prepare your home and business with thanks to Risk Africa Magazine:

  1. Check if You are in a High Risk Area
    If your property is near a body of water that can overflow or if your area has experienced flooding in the past then you may be at risk.
  1. Clean and Clear
    All gutters and drains need to be cleaned and cleared to ensure that water can easily drain away.
  1. Prevent Blockages
    Storm-water drains can easily become blocked with debris during flooding.
  1. Fix any weak points
    Any cracks or holes where water can enter your property should be fixed and sealed with water resistant material.
  1. Protect Stock
    For retailers especially, make sure that any stock or spare items that could be damaged by flooding are stored out of harms way.
  1. Anchor
    Items that cannot be stored above water levels and can float or be easily moved should be anchored down to prevent damage during La Niña.
  1. Check Sprinklers
    Electric short circuits due to water damage can cause fires on your property or premises. Ensure that your automatic sprinkler system is in working order and that all valves and pumps are located above the expected water level.

Stay safe during La Niña. Contact CC&A Insurance Brokers today to find a personal or commercial insurance option that suits you.

“The article should not be considered legal or financial advice and is for information purposes only. You should consult with a professional financial advisor to determine what may be best for your individual needs.”