Putting The Person Into Personal Insurance

At CC&A Insurance Brokers we do our very best to make personal insurance, personal. Personal to your needs, and your specific circumstances. We also make sure you deal with a real person if and when you need to claim, or just when you have a question.

We offer comprehensive personal insurance packages for high-end and standard cover in the following areas:

Household Insurance

Who needs household cover? Consider this: between April and December 2016, an average of 61.3 houses were robbed each day in South Africa (source). Our household insurance gives you financial cover for the cost of replacing items that have been stolen from your home. It also covers accidental damage to items, as well as loss through acts of nature, such as:

  • Weather (flood, hail and wind damage)
  • Fire
  • Earthquake

Additional cover can also be included to protect against the loss of contents of your fridge or freezer in the event of a long power outage, “out and about” insurance to cover loss or theft of your personal effects and damage to appliances from power surges.

Travel Insurance

Whether you’re planning a family trip abroad or arranging business travel, you’re probably not thinking about losing your luggage, falling victim to a pickpocket, breaking a limb or falling seriously ill. Yet all these things can and do happen. Which is why taking out comprehensive travel insurance is as vital to your trip as your passport and your plane tickets.

Travel insurance can also cover you against the penalties payable to airline and accommodation providers if your circumstances change and you have to change the dates of, or cancel, your trip.

Vehicle Insurance

There are approximately 900 000 vehicle accidents on South African roads every year, and around eight million uninsured vehicles. The maths is frightening. If you’re uninsured, and you have an accident with another uninsured vehicle, who foots the bill?

Vehicle insurance covers you against damage to, or total loss of, your vehicle in the event of an accident. It can also cover you for the cost of repairs to another vehicle if the accident was your fault.

Vehicle insurance also covers you if your car is stolen – and one in every 350 South Africans has their vehicle stolen every year.

Caravan Insurance

South Africa is blessed with great weather and good roads. And we love taking advantage of both by going on holiday with our caravans. It’s as important to have insurance for your caravan as it is for your car, and our comprehensive caravan insurance will cover you against:

  • Theft
  • Explosion (from gas bottles etc.)
  • Fire
  • Weather

We can also cover you for your caravan accessories such as camping equipment, television, canopies and awnings and air conditioning units.

Boat Insurance

Proper insurance for your boat or jet ski needs to cover more than simply protecting it against theft or damage while it’s stored on your property. You need insurance for these expensive items during transportation, as well as while they’re on the water. What happens, for example, if they sink or become stranded? Are you covered for salvage and replacement costs? And what about if you travel to a neighbouring country?

For the answers to these, as well as any other insurance questions you may have, talk to one of our brokers today.

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