2nd June 2016

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Taking Out Life Insurance

If you are thinking of getting life insurance, or you need to reassess what you have, you may find yourself floundering through some terms and terminology […]
15th June 2016

Simple checks for a healthy geyser

The very last thing you need on these cold wintery evenings is a cold bath. Or worse, water pouring through your ceiling. Your geyser is one […]
15th June 2016

Do you actually need travel insurance?

So many people are loathe to pay out for travel insurance. Having come home from a wonderful (and largely uneventful) holiday, they feel like it was […]
1st November 2016

When to Update Your Home Insurance Policy

The holidays are around the corner. You’ve got your tickets or toll money ready and you’re already coming up with ideas on how to keep the […]
1st December 2016

How To Secure Your Home This Holiday

In our blog last month we shared the statistics concerning the increase in crime over the month of December. Every day we hear about a new […]
1st March 2022

The Best Insurance Advice for Newlyweds

Photo by Olivia Bauso on Unsplash Marriage takes sharing to a whole new level: Sharing a life, sharing a house, sharing responsibilities – and for some […]
1st April 2022

Your Go-To Emergency Number Checklist for Your House Sitter

Photo by John Tuesday on Unsplash Have you booked accommodation and made plans for a lovely, restful holiday? Make sure you keep your holiday carefree by […]