20th April 2018

Why you need production insurance for your next shoot

 The film industry in South Africa contributes approximately R3.5billion a year to our economy. Most successful films cost millions to produce, and part of this fee […]
29th March 2018

Tips to save water in the midst of climate change and drought

It shouldn’t need to be said but we’ll say it anyway: climate change is as unpredictable as ever, and you need to be aware of how […]
13th February 2018
damage to hotel property by guest

Who Pays For Damage To Hotel Property By Guests?

Tourism is one of the biggest contributors to South Africa’s economy and GDP. Every year, over 3.5m tourists visit us from overseas. The domestic tourist industry […]
7th February 2018
Employee Liability insurance

Here’s Why Your Hotel Needs Employee Liability Insurance

Imagine inviting a complete stranger into your home. Not only do you invite him in, you also give him a key and unrestricted access to all […]
1st February 2018
insuring valuables while travelling

The Importance Of Insuring Valuables While Travelling

Nowadays, it’s pretty inconceivable to imagine travelling without our mobile phones. They keep us in touch with friends, family and, if you’re on a business trip, […]
22nd January 2018
Our Business Insurance Checklist – The Only Cover Story You’ll Ever Need

Our Business Insurance Checklist – The Only Cover Story You’ll Ever Need

When you think about it, your business is your primary, perhaps only, source of income. If something were to happen, such as a fire, burglary, flooding […]
19th January 2018
Home insurance checklist

Not Sure How To Insure? Check Out Our Home Insurance Checklist

If you own a house, you need household insurance. In fact, if you’re still paying off your bond, your home loan provider no doubt insists on […]
3rd December 2017

What to expect as a new homeowner.

What to expect as a new homeowner. As a new homeowner, the paperwork and tasks that need to be done before you take ownership of your […]
2nd December 2017

Tips for first-time homeowners.

Tips for first-time homeowners. The thought of buying your first home is both exciting and scary. It is incredibly exciting that you are finally able to […]
1st December 2017

Demerit system for motor vehicle license holders.

Demerit system for motor vehicle license holders. South Africa is well known for its off-the-charts accident rate and road deaths. In fact, according to the Automobile […]