Don’t Tweet Yourself Into Trouble.

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12th June 2017
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Don’t Tweet Yourself Into Trouble.

Social media is a very present and important part of our lives these days, and will continue to make itself present in our day-to-day, sometimes more intrusively than we would like. There have been quite a few incidents in the news of late, where people have said or commented on things via social media, that were not politically correct or socially acceptable. These incidents got way more screen time than the original post was intended for.

The recent political commentary on social media has shown us how important it is to watch what we say online, because the ramifications can be huge. People have been sued tremendous amounts in the past for their comments on social media. Take Penny Sparrow for instance, who was sued R150 000 for a racist Tweet she posted. Incidents like these can be crippling to a person and sometimes impossible to recover from. That’s where social media insurance comes in.

Social Media Insurance

CC&A now offer social media insurance to cover you for any unintended bad press from the digital realm. This insures you for any law suits, loss of business or inability to work due to negative press or criminal records.

It is critical in this day and age to protect yourself, your family and your business from the ramifications that can incur from social media mishaps. You not only put yourself in bad light, but your family can become endangered if things become physically aggressive as well as it being socially and emotionally damaging. Your business can be hugely affected, if not destroyed, in the event of a court case, if you are not properly covered.

Sometimes things may seem fine to post but others see it as offensive, which could put you in hot water. Rather be safe when it comes to social media, by ensuring you are covered for any mishaps. Don’t leave yourself open to possible problems in the future!

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We offer some tips on how to operate effectively in the social media sphere, both personally and in a business sense, without getting into trouble. Stay tuned.

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