How to Protect and Manage Your Income During Covid-19

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Just over a year ago, we were all happily going about our lives, with no clue about the chaos that was about to unfold on a global scale. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us all a valuable lesson about always being covered in case of an emergency. No one ever “needs” insurance, and we all hate the thought of paying hefty monthly premiums, but boy do we thank our lucky stars when we have cover in place when a crisis hits!

Now is the perfect time to reassess your business insurance cover, particularly your insurance protection. Here are some helpful tips on how to protect and manage your income during Covid-19.

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Use this time to save money

Let’s face it – we aren’t socialising half as much as we used to. We are inevitably saving money on having coffee and drinks with friends and lavishly dining out. Instead of complaining about how much you miss being the social butterfly, use this time to save money. If your employees are working from home, you will inevitably be saving costs on office space rental and WIFI. Make sure that during this time you ask your landlord for a rental reduction or see if you can sublet your office space while it is not in use. Another wise idea to is try and reduce your monthly data contract over the time that employees are working out of the office. You can always increase it again when everyone is back at the office.

Insure all “take home” office equipment

Don’t forget to keep a detailed list of any office equipment that you or your workers are taking home to use. If your employees are working from home, make sure laptops, printers, and any other office equipment going home is in fact covered for theft or damage due to unforeseen events. The last thing you want is a work laptop being stolen and your employee not being able to work. This would cause a huge loss in valuable business hours. 

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Pay it forward

If you and your business are lucky enough to be in a financially stable situation, remember that there are so many others who are not. Help a friend or family member who may have been crippled financially by this pandemic. If you don’t know of anybody personally who could use your help, there are plenty of reputable solidarity funds that you could donate your money to. Pay it forward, the universe often has a funny way of thanking you for your kindness in return. If you need to update your business cover, we are always here to assist you. For any queries, concerns, additional information, or quotations required, please do not hesitate to contact us (