Your Go-To Emergency Number Checklist for Your House Sitter

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Photo by John Tuesday on Unsplash

Have you booked accommodation and made plans for a lovely, restful holiday? Make sure you keep your holiday carefree by planning ahead and giving your house sitter everything that they need to handle any emergency situations or mishaps. We’ve created a checklist of important contact numbers for you to give to them, to ensure you have all your bases covered. Here are your must-have numbers…

Important Numbers Checklist:

  • Your vet’s number – if your house sitter is also pet sitting, and something goes wrong with your precious fur baby, you want to know that they’ll be taken care of straight away.
  • Your neighbours – whether or not you have a close relationship with your neighbours or not, it’s a wise idea to let them know that you’ll be away and to give your house sitter their number if they ever need some local support.
  • Community watch group – introduce your community watch to your house sitter and let your sitter know they can message this group if they see anything suspicious or feel in danger.
  • Security service – if you have a security service on call, make sure you alert them that you’ll be away and that your house sitter will be available. Get your house sitter to add your security company to their emergency contact list and remember to give them the code for the alarm if it’s accidentally set off.
  • Repairman/handyman – things always seem to break at the worst times, and when you’re away you don’t want the worry of dealing with issues like a broken gate or internet interruptions. So, if you have a fix-it-all guy you can count on, be sure to give your house sitter their number.  
  • Your holiday resort – if your house sitter needs to communicate important information to you and they’re unable to get hold of you for whatever reason, make sure they can at least contact your resort or holiday help desk.
  • Insurance broker’s number – what happens when your house is robbed, and you are unable to notify your broker straight away? Instruct your sitter to do this on your behalf, so there are no unnecessary claim delays.
  • Local police – Once again, if your house is broken into, your sitter will need to contact the police and file a report. It’s also wise to have the police department’s number pinned up for the sake of your sitter’s safety.
  • Local fire department – whether natural or accidental, fires can cause a lot of damage, so being able to report them quickly is of the utmost importance.

We hope this checklist of important contacts helps put your mind at ease and frees you up to fully enjoy your holiday!