27th July 2015

6 Things That Can Minimise The Impact of Load Shedding

1 Generator: The size of generator you’ll need depends on your electrical requirements. For, example if you need to power three computers, a kettle and lights, […]
7th September 2015
Cyber Security Insurance

South Africa’s Insurance / Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks are escalating in frequency and intensity, posing a growing threat not only to personal security but to businesses and countries’ national security. Cyber crime is […]
7th September 2015
Cyber crime insurance

Cyber Ransomware – Don’t Lose Your Business To Cyber Pirates

The latest in Cyber crime is Ransomware. You may have seen this topic popping into you favourite TV shows but this threat is very real and […]
7th September 2015
Cyber Security Insurance

Why Should You Invest In Cyber Liability Cover? Here Are 5 Reasons

Over the course of the month we have highlighted the risks of not having Cyber Liability Insurance and various types of threats out there. Here is […]
7th September 2015

Are You Clear On The Procedures To Follow When Making A Claim

In order to make the claims process as stress free and uncomplicated as possible it is very important that clients are aware of their duties. On […]
22nd October 2015
Carjacking Insurance

Carjacking And House Robbery On The Rise In South Africa

Part of being a South African is the understanding that the levels of crime we deal with on a daily basis are quite different from other […]
22nd October 2015
Last Will and Testament

Preparing Your Will 101

It is vital to remember that wills are not just for the rich. Wills are necessary for any person who plans on dying – and that’s […]
22nd October 2015
Construction Insurance

Health And Safety On Construction Sites

The construction industry is one of the major industries in the world, employing from 9% to 15% of a country’s working population. However it has been […]
14th December 2015
Home Insurance

Securing Your Home When On Holiday

Murphy’s Law for travelers: If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong while you’re on holiday — which is arguably the worst time a household […]
23rd February 2016
Truck and Transport Insurance

Taking care of business | Motor and Fleet Insurance

The biggest issue with life-altering incidents, is that they don’t always happen to other people. We know that “life” happens, and yet we are always taken […]