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27th July 2015
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7th September 2015

Cyber-attacks are escalating in frequency and intensity, posing a growing threat not only to personal security but to businesses and countries’ national security.

Cyber crime is a growing problem in South Africa as it cost local companies R5.8bn in 2014, according to anti-virus software firm McAfee. Recent stats suggest  that In 2014 South Africa saw an increase of over 3000%, in just quote requests. Which means that we are becoming more aware of this growing threat.

The three top causes in security breaches are a disgruntled employee, negligence, competitors and hacking.

So how do you protect your self? Good IT security as well as Cyber Liability Insurance are the answer. It is important to remember that Insurance is not a substitute for good cyber security but is an important addition to a company’s overall risk management.

CC&A Insurance Brokers has responded by offering specialty cyber insurance products that are designed to help bridge gaps in traditional lines, such as property and general liability.

Cyber policies can provide direct loss and liability protection for risks associated with the use of technology and data. Policies can also be expanded to include business interruption.

Contact CC&A Insurance Brokers today and protect your business’ tomorrow. Our specialists will be sure to offer you expert advice insuring your business is well covered.