Preparing Your Will 101

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It is vital to remember that wills are not just for the rich. Wills are necessary for any person who plans on dying – and that’s all of us! Here are a few things to consider when writing up your will:

  • 1.    List Your Assets: You don’t have to own much to write a will. Before you write the will, list all of the important stuff in your life that you would like someone to inherit.
  • 2. Name Guardians, Beneficiaries, and the Executor: Guardians are family or friends you trust to “adopt” your children. You should probably ask the couple or person you have in mind before you list their name in your will.

Who’s going to get that stuff? These are the beneficiaries you will list in your will.

The executor of your will is probably the most important person you will name. He or she will be somebody you trust and who can handle your estate, however large or small.

  • 3. Did you know you can even write a will that dictates how you want your social media accounts to be handled when you are gone? Do you want someone to take over your blog and continue writing? Do you want your Facebook profile to be deleted or kept for friends and family to view?

Other important info you can include in your will: whether you’d like to donate to charity, if you want to donate your organs, and how you want your funeral to play out. You should also indicate how your executor should deal with any taxes or debts.