Top travel tips before you go away on holiday

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20th April 2018
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You may be in a rush to get in the car or to the airport to get to your travel destination, but not so fast – here are some important travel tips to ensure you are safe in the case of an unlikely event.


  1. Check your electricals before leaving the house

Unplug all unnecessary electrical appliances before you leave the house to protect your home from possible power surges or fire. Doing this will also reduce your impact on the environment as some appliances still use electricity when plugged in and not in use.


  1. Lock all doors and windows

This may seem obvious, but this is easy to forget. Not only is this a security measure, your home will also be protected from any adverse weather conditions. If you have a sliding door, be sure there is a Trellidor gate or another security gate as well because burglars can easily lift these off their rails and enter your home.


There are over 240 000 home burglaries every year in South Africa and they mostly occur when the house is unoccupied. Make sure you don’t become a part of this statistic!


  1. Alert your security company

If you have a security company in your area, we recommend letting them know that you will be away and to perhaps do regular checks of your property – statistics have shown that a patrol or neighbourhood watch factors in 68% on whether or not burglars will enter your area. Another one of our travel tips is to remember to also make sure that all security devices are armed – perimeter alarms have shown to be a huge deterrent.


  1. Invest in some outdoor motion sensor lights

If this option is viable then motion sensor lights are a great security deterrent for when you are not at home. The motion sensor floodlights are an easy and inexpensive option, for example.


  1. Lock away all valuables

If some valuable items, like jewellery or electronics, are not going on holiday with you, then we recommend locking them in a safe while you are away.


  1. Take your car for a roadworthy inspection

You may be going on a long road trip with your family. If this is the case, imagine what would happen if something went wrong and it was discovered your car was not roadworthy? Take it for an inspection before hitting the road, just to be sure.

In the case of a terrible pothole or something sharp on the road, you will need your spare wheel. Check that it is in good condition before you drive. Additionally, if you are using a full-size matching tyre, remember to make it part of your vehicle’s tyre rotation pattern.


     7. Plan your road trip route beforehand

No one likes getting lost when they just want to be on holiday. Make sure you have a route planned before you embark on your journey so that you know where you are going and don’t end up in an unsafe area. On most GPS’s, you have the option of pre-entering the route you want to take. Otherwise, make sure you have everything marked on the map if you are going the old-school route!


    8.Emergency numbers – one of the most important travel tips

Make sure you have emergency numbers stored on your phone or somewhere accessible. If you need to make a call from a landline, phone 10111 for police and 112 for mobile. These calls are free.


    9.Travel with copies of your ID documents

Whether you are travelling three hours away or across the world, we recommend carrying copies of your passport and/or ID. This will assist you in the case that your ID or passport is lost.

   10. Please leave your insurance broker’s details with a family member or friend in case of loss or damage while you are away.

What is also incredibly important before you travel is to make sure you are covered with motor and house insurance so that you are protected in the case of an emergency or accident. Additionally, travel insurance is vital if you are travelling abroad. An idea would also be to give your insurance broker’s details to a close friend or family member in the event something occurs while you are away. We hope you have safe travels if you are going away and get in touch if you are in need of any assistance.