Household Contents Insurance – Protecting Your Possessions and Your Pocket

Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing your household valuables are insured against fire, theft and accidental damage.

Our home is our castle. Our refuge from the world, the place we feel the most relaxed and where we look forward to getting back to at the end of a long day at work. Unfortunately, it is also the place where we keep most, if not all, of our valuable possessions, meaning our home is also inherently vulnerable.

There is nothing more intrusive than having your home broken into and possessions stolen. Sadly, in South Africa, this happens all too often, which makes taking out comprehensive household contents insurance an absolute necessity.

What is Household Contents Insurance?

Household contents insurance gives you financial cover for the cost of replacing items that have been stolen from your home. It also covers accidental damage to these items, which is very useful if you have small children or pets. From digital devices to designer shoes, having this kind of insurance brings immense peace of mind.

If items within your home are damaged or destroyed through acts of nature, the right insurance policy will make sure you are able to replace them. This can include damage from:

  • Weather – including flood, hail and wind damage
  • Fire – from a lightning strike, electrical fault or gas explosion
  • Water damage – from burst pipes, geysers or overflowing gutters
  • Damage to doors, windows etc. – caused by break-in or attempted break-in
  • Earthquake

among others.

What Else Does It Cover?

In addition to coverage for everyday valuables, household contents insurance can offer additional cover against the loss of other items, depending on your policy and the cause of the loss. This extended cover could include:

  • Fridge and freezer contents – a long power outage can mean your freshly stocked freezer defrosts and you lose everything inside it. If you’re insured against this kind of loss, you’ll be able to replace the produce that was spoiled.
  • Credit cards – the correct “out and about” addition to your household contents insurance means if your handbag is stolen while you’re out shopping, any expenses incurred through the thieves using your credit cards for purchases will be refunded to you.
  • Keys and remote controls – these can be expensive items to replace, but the correct insurance covers this.
  • Power surges – these can damage appliances and digital devices, so insurance against this could be very helpful.

It’s important to note that different insurance companies offer different coverage depending on your policy, so it’s essential to make sure you are aware of any claim exclusions.

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This information should not be considered legal or financial advice and is for information purposes only. You should consult with a professional financial advisor to determine what may be best for your individual needs.

Household Content Insurance Quote

    Household Content Insurance

    Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing your household valuables are insured against fire, theft and accidental damage.