Why you need production insurance for your next shoot

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 The film industry in South Africa contributes approximately R3.5billion a year to our economy. Most successful films cost millions to produce, and part of this fee is insurance and risk mitigation. We are here to explain why production insurance is necessary for you and your set.

How to quantify risk

why production insurance is necessary Quantifying the risks of production can become quite blurry, but looking at the script, budget and schedule is a good start. It is necessary to assess if there is a reasonable expectation that there will be mutual agreement amongst all involved, too. With film production insurance, one will have to try managing risk well enough to ensure there is no claim because the nature of this kind of insurance is so volatile and unpredictable.


Insurers will take into consideration the budget, schedule, call sheet or script and weather when preparing to insure your production. At CC&A, we have 30 years film production insurance experience, so we are well-equipped to provide you with the guidance you need.


Film production insurance

We offer production insurance, which covers your productions on a project by project and/or annual basis subject to receipt of declaration prior to the inception of each and every shoot. This insurance is ideal for TV commercials, music videos etc. Long productions such as feature films, documentaries and movies can also be insured depending on insurance requirements per production. It is advisable that people ensure they’re covered from preparation until post-production days.


why production insurance is necessary Why production insurance is necessary

It is likely that the threat of things going wrong will hang over your head throughout every filming project. A lot of money, time and energy has been invested, so it’s best to take the necessary cover to avoid financial ruin from any unexpected obstacles, which could happen at any point.


Film Producers’ Indemnity Insurance is one of the first things you need as a producer. Project producers carry the heaviest weight of responsibilities and, if something goes wrong, there can be legal, financial and even criminal consequences for the producers. Film Producers’ Indemnity Insurance includes cover for:


  • Cast and Crew
  • All Risks Negative/Digital Data
  • Faulty Stock, Camera and Processing
  • Props, Sets and Wardrobe
  • Third Party Property Damage (Care, Custody and Control)
  • Extra Expense
  • Hired Equipment


In addition, you can also arrange Public Liability & Employers’ Liability, Hired Vehicles and Personal Accident insurance.


To avoid huge costs and stress, the saying ‘better safe than sorry’ has never been truer. Get covered with Film Production Insurance with CC&A Insurance Brokers.