Upliftment through unemployed learnerships – a CC&A success story

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28th June 2018
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31st August 2018

Part of CC&A’s vision is to uplift people and give them the opportunity to further themselves in a personal and professional capacity if they have been previously denied this due to socio-economic circumstances. Mbali Ndlovu rose to employment through the unemployed learnership initiative offered by CC&A through INSETA.


CC&A’s vision for the unemployed learnerships

These unemployed learnerships are an integral part of the CC&A mission. Gillian Lewis explains that the initiative aims to uplift people and build on their skills so that they are eligible for future permanent employment. Additionally, these learnerships allow beneficiaries to be fully integrated into the insurance environment, observing and absorbing knowledge on daily protocols and important insurance processes. Throughout the learnership, CC&A employees will be able to collectively gauge where the learner is best suited in the company as well as if they are suitable to the company as a whole.


Employment through the unemployed learnerships

When Mbali Ndlovu graduated, she found herself skilled yet unemployed. Upon hearing of the unemployed learnership program, she quickly applied and has since developed a keen interest in the insurance industry. Mbali is now CC&A’s current success story. When she finished the learnership she was offered a place at CC&A as an intern for a year. After completing the internship, she was offered a permanent position, which she gratefully accepted.  She is currently helping the Claims Manager with Third Party Claims and Recoveries. She hopes, one day, to find herself in a management position once she has more experience in the industry. Without the opportunity awarded to her by the unemployed learnership program, Mbali would not have been able to achieve employment at an insurance brokerage such as CC&A, where she is pursuing her career aspirations.


CC&A and unemployed learnerships

CC&A’s philosophy goes beyond helping clients on the outside – we are wholeheartedly invested in growing people from the inside, too. Mbali notes that the learnership was an empowering experience for her, and she is grateful that she does not feel restricted – CC&A offer opportunities for growth where it is suitable, whether it is academically with further studying or through enrolment in short courses to supplement existing knowledge.


We are committed to growth and helping those who need it the most. Please get in touch to see what CC&A can do for you.