CC&A secures South African marketing rights to leading Producers Indemnity Insurance Package

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17th August 2018
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12th September 2018

CC&A is reshaping the insurance industry in South Africa

Where experience meets innovation, changes occur that drive the world to inspiring and exciting places. With 30 years of experience in Film and Entertainment insurance, CC&A have now secured an exclusive partnership with the Commercial Producers Association of South Africa (CPASA), underwritten by Lloyds of London via the Chesterfield Group. This venture will reshape the South African filmmakers’ market by introducing a product that is unparalleled to what exists locally.


A product that is superior to existing policies in South Africa

Malcolm Osmond, Director and Short-Term Insurance Advisor of CC&A, is confident that this policy is superior to any other in the South African market. Some of the features include:

  • Cover that is competitively priced and much more reasonable than local cover
  • The policy automatically includes cover, at no extra premium, where these items are usually charged an additional premium in the South African market
  • Several of the sections of the policy have no deductible or excess applicable to them in the event of a claim, unlike excesses applicable for local cover
  • The cover of this policy is much more comprehensive than that provided by local underwriters
  • Cover is included for risks not insurable as part of the South African Policy, for example, Professional Indemnity
  • Cover is applicable worldwide


Bobby Amm, Head of the CPA in South Africa, further endorses the policy, stating that it “offers production companies and their clients greater protection when it comes to everything that is insured on a film shoot.”


What this means for CC&A

This accomplishment did not transpire from mere chance but was the result of two forces working together. From collaboration came innovation and, according to Malcolm, the partnership with Chesterfield “is a big feather in CC&A’s cap.” Malcolm explains that a globally represented intermediary choosing to partner with CC&A on this exciting venture with the CPA “means that the excellence which CC&A strives to achieve is recognised internationally.” A few of the ways in which CC&A will benefit from this is a growth in exposure to new clients, namely members of the CPA.


Matt Lawford, lead underwriting insurance broker spearheading the marketing of the Lloyds-based product in South Africa, hopes that the “partnership between Chesterfield and CC&A will develop and enhance the presence of CC&A”, as well as provide Chesterfield with another platform on which to grow their customer base as well as their existing covers.


A brief overview of the Chesterfield-CC&A relationship

While the weather and rugby teams initially caught Matt’s eye, it was South Africa’s potential for educational excellence that truly stood out. Whilst one of the objectives is to achieve a new facility to offer prime insurance coverages to a waiting market place, Matt hopes to impart knowledge and advice on the matter by way of lectures and workshops in South Africa and in doing so “enhance the knowledge of producers, production managers and the younger staff coming through the ranks.” This creates a comfortable platform for local producers to discuss their insurance needs with both their broker and the overseas production company and client.


CC&A, the CPASA and the world

Bobby, who heads up the CPA in South Africa, thinks that “the new product will increase confidence in the South African film industry” considering many global clients are already familiar with the Chesterfield Group’s stellar reputation. “We have already seen an instance where an international client elected to insure their shoot here [in South Africa] because it is extremely competitively priced and offers great value,” Bobby explains.


Malcolm trusts that this partnership will help CC&A “gain further international exposure as a leading niche market film and entertainment intermediary through our client’s overseas business partners.” It is without doubt that CC&A will become known as the leading providers of this superior product, attractive to both local and global members of the film and entertainment industry.


With this new product, made possible by the Chesterfield Group and the CPA, CC&A can give you the cover that you and your production require – one that is extensive, affordable and reliable. Should this interest you, please get in contact with us.