Tips to save water in the midst of climate change and drought

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It shouldn’t need to be said but we’ll say it anyway: climate change is as unpredictable as ever, and you need to be aware of how to lower your impact. Access to water is a basic human right – here are ways you can save it.

Look after your pool and garden

Do you have a pool? If you do and you are currently living in a drought-stricken area of the country, then you need to take the necessary steps in protecting your pool. Drought can do significant damage to your pool if you do not take the recommended precautions in maintaining it in dry times. Invest in a pool cover to prevent the water evaporating, and only fill it up with rain water/grey water. If it is raining, leave the cover open to collect as much water as possible. Additionally, switch off your pool pump if the water level drops below the weir to prevent it from sucking in air. This could lead to the pump burning out.

ways to save water

One of the things that suffers the most during a drought is the garden. As an alternative to normal irrigation, it is advised that homeowners collect rainwater, use grey water, or even install a borehole if you can afford it as ways to save water. To keep some greenery, think about planting some water wise/indigenous plants that do not require daily watering.

Think about your pipes and toilet

One way that homeowners lose a lot of water is due to undetected leaks. It is advised that you check your water systems monthly. For your toilet, you can add a few drops of food colouring to your cistern to detect if there is a slow leak. Do not flush the toilet for at least an hour, and if the food colouring is still present, you have a leak.

ways to save water

A Cistern Displacement Device can be placed in the cistern of your toilet to displace around a litre of water every time you flush. They are super easy to install and a great way to use less water!

Saving water when you shower

It goes without saying that you should not be bathing often if you are in an area with water-restrictions. Similarly, showers should take five minutes or less, and consider using a low-flow showerhead which is a great way to save water when you shower. You could also collect the shower water in an inflatable pool or have buckets in the shower so that no water goes to waste.

ways to save water

Ways to save water in the kitchen

The kitchen tap and dishwasher account for 8% to 14% of water used in the home.Only switch on the dishwasher if you need to and try and use a full load every time.

ways to save water

Experiment with different settings on your dishwasher – many modern machines offer an ‘Eco’ or ‘Economy’ setting which uses less water and energy. These can even be more efficient than hand washing. Also, place plastic basins in your kitchen sinks and throw the water in the garden after handwashing.

Water is liquid gold. We recommend you still practise water-saving daily even if your area is not in a drought situation. For more information on your insurance during a drought, please get in contact with us.