5 Tips to Protect your home when you’re away on holiday

Safety Tips for The Holiday Season
1st November 2019
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7th January 2020

With December being one of the busiest months of the year, many South Africans plan their holidays and go away over the Christmas and New Year period. With the current house break-in rates in the country, homeowners worry about their home security, which can put a damper on their holiday. We’ve put together 5 tips that can help you protect your home and put your mind at ease.

Leave some lights on at home

This will help create the illusion that there is someone at home. Leaving your house in complete darkness can invite unwanted criminals to sneak in undetected. A motion detector light or lighting with a timer that you can control can also be a good option.

Make sure everything is locked up

A week before you leave, check that all your locks on your doors work properly, and that all your windows can close so that if there is anything faulty, you can fix it before you go. On the day you leave, make sure all your windows are closed and all doors leading into the house are locked.

Ensure your alarm system is working

Make sure your cameras, sensors, beams and other security components are in good working order. This should be done a few weeks before your holiday, to avoid rushing around last minute.

Hide or lock your valuables in a safe

Easy-to-grab items may be tempting to criminals. Lock up your most important valuables, personal and financial items and information in a safe.

Have someone check-up on the house

Ask a friend or family member who lives close by to check up on the house every few days. You can also ask them to be an emergency contact for the alarm company.


We all know that leaving your house to go on holiday can be a stressful situation. Put your mind at ease and take our 5 tips into consideration when you depart for your festive season holiday.