How to survive Janu-worry

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We all know the panic that sets in after the December season splurges on holidays and festivities and for many South Africans, January feels like the longest month of the year. If you’re feeling the post-December pinch, we’ve put together some tips to help you get through the Janu-worry blues.

Limit your spending

Limit your spending to cut unnecessary expenses, stick to a budget and only purchase items you need. Stick to budget by taking the exact amount of cash with you to the shops instead of your card or reset your daily limit on your card to ensure you don’t overspend.

Declutter and sell

January is the perfect time for new resolutions such as getting rid of clutter around your home.Use this time to sort through your things and throw away or sell items you no longer need or use. Selling some of your used item can help you make some quick cash just to get you by until pay day.

Use what you already have

When it comes to cooking dinner or spending some down time with the family, try and use what you have at home. Raid the pantry and freezer for food that you have stored away, this could save you an unnecessary trip to the shops. For family activities, play some cards or board games instead of going out to the movies.


Don’t fall victim to the January blues, rest easy and take our tips into consideration for January 2020.

While you’re organise your budget for the year ahead, make sure you take your personal and household insurance into consideration as it is does need to be covered. If you need some assistance with insurance, give us a call on: 031 716 6000 (KZN) or 011 463 0085 (GP).