How to protect your home and car when storms hit

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10th January 2019
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10th March 2019

Nothing is softer or gentler than water, a driving force of nature and an essential commodity for life. However, when delivered via torrential thunderstorms, water can also have a devastating impact on both vehicles and buildings. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to protect your investments and minimise the consequences of such events.


Protecting your car when there is a storm

Should a heavy storm occur whilst you are driving, access Google maps using your cell phone, or instruct your GPS to direct you to the nearest covered parking, such as a shopping mall. Once you are out of harm’s way, you can make an informed decision to either remain there until the storm has passed or wait until the weather is calmer and the roads are safer. Thunderstorms dramatically reduce visibility, thus increasing the risk of an accident occurring, while hailstorms can inflict numerous dents to your car which will incur subsequent costs as well as unwanted wear and tear. It is wise to prioritise the safety of your person and your car by staying in a sheltered area to avoid such damage.


We also advise that your car is insured for the correct value.


Protecting your house when there is a storm

Fortunately, there are more options available for protecting your house from a storm before the actual fact. Inspect your gutters on a regular basis to ensure that debris has not accumulated and clear out any clogs to minimise the risk of overflow that could lead to water pushbacks and potential internal water damage.


Periodically inspect your roof and remain vigilant about its maintenance. A small, seemingly inconsequential leak could cause serious damage to both your roof and ceilings. Additionally, you should monitor and trim any overgrowth on surrounding trees and bushes to reduce the likelihood that they will inflict damage to the property in the case of a storm.


In the same way, you need to check your policy for your car, ensure that your home and household contents are insured for the correct replacement value.


For information on how we can protect your home and car from damage, please get in touch with us.