Changing Insurers is Easier Than You Think

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10th February 2019
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Have you been thinking about changing insurers? The process can be painless, whatever your reasons may be. These are the aspects you need to keep in mind when informing your decision:



Timing, Premiums, and Reasoning

Identify the exact reasons that would push you to choose another insurer – are your premiums too high? Did something drastic occur in your life? Are there some things that your insurer doesn’t offer that other insurers do?


Remember that cheaper is not always better if you are unable to renegotiate premiums with your current insurer and end up changing insurers – you may actually end up with a higher excess amount or find a difference in the benefits you are receiving. A reliable broker will ensure this does not happen as they will explain all variances when considering a change.


A life event

Maybe you got married recently, had your parents move in, bought a home or purchased a few items of new furniture or technology. Be sure to advise your broker of any changes and get the correct advice on your policy – our job at CC&A is to ensure you have the best possible policy and cover in place, but it is important that we are aware of all the facts.


Attractive value-added extras

If you are envious of your friend’s drive-home service or roadside assistance – value-added extras that are included in their insurance package – then consider switching if you want more than just insurance cover. At CC&A we offer comprehensive Value Add products which we can discuss if you get in touch with us.


How to make changing insurers quick and painless

Make sure you do your research so that you feel informed about all angles of the kind of insurance you want. Do this by talking to your broker, friends, family as well as doing independent research online. Your next step would be to get a few quotes to be sure you are not paying a high excess at a lower premium. CC&A are a team of experienced professionals, so we are equipped to offer you the best advice.


Once you have settled on the right insurer – one that offers the best combination of price, value and service – then go ahead and accept the quote and request confirmation in writing before you cancel your old insurance. We offer this as a service and can take care of this for you.


Changing insurers is easy when you come across insurers that prioritise your needs and offer packages tailored to your needs, such as what CC&A has to offer. Let us help you make the change your life needs by contacting us!