Helping You Claim Quicker: Our Advice for Flood Claims

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1st April 2022
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28th June 2022

Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

“Courage isn’t having the strength to go on – it is going on when you don’t have the strength.” – Napoleon Bonaparte.

As if the past few years have not presented us all with enough challenges, we have had to undergo extreme tragedy and disaster with the KZN April floods. The stories we’ve heard from our clients have weighed heavily on our hearts, and we deeply sympathise with those who have been affected by the recent floods.

Our claims department who have been inundated with calls, working around the clock to help those in need, have been at the forefront of this disaster and have had to bear the brunt of the flood aftermath.

We’d like to thank them for their tireless efforts and to share some of their valuable advice, attained off the back of their experience.

Here’s their advice on claiming in view of household contents loss or damage, and building damage. Following this should help you claim quicker, so you can get back on your feet quicker 😊

Our Claim Advice for Flood Victims

1. Source a reliable contractor on the insurer’s behalf to provide a quote.

2. Secure your property (from opportunists who may take advantage of your situation).

3. Retain all cleaning up invoices i.e., purchases of towels, mops, fans, or cleaning materials.

4. Send in pictures to support the claim submitted and send the completed claim form soonest.

This advice aims to ease the pressure on the assessors and give them the opportunity to assist those who are truly in dire straits.

Please feel free to share this advice with your local network. We hope it helps and we with you the best of luck with your efforts to rebuild and regroup.