Whilst it may be the most wonderful time of year, it’s also the most dangerous

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8th November 2018
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10th January 2019

We know that you are getting ready for some sea and sun and pure relaxation after another very busy year, but there are important measures to put in place and organisation to implement before you enter full holiday mode.

How to deal with load shedding and your insurance while you are away

Eskom implemented Stage 1 load shedding in November after struggling with coal supply issues over a period of several weeks. They then announced that there is a strong possibility of load shedding during the festive season.


For obvious reasons, this is disappointing news as many get ready to go on holiday and load shedding is simply disruptive. So where does this leave policyholders who rely on security systems to keep their belongings safe throughout a period of the year where thieves are the most active?


The risks associated with load shedding during the December holidays vary, from power surges damaging electronic goods to alarm systems failing to deter criminals. Power shortages prompt power surges and will damage electronic appliances if accidentally left on during load shedding. Furthermore, there is also a high risk of fire damage, so it is important that policyholders understand what they are covered for while they are away.


Risk of robbery due to prolonged load shedding

Because many people leave their home to go away over the Christmas period, there are many risks associated with vacant homes and thieving opportunists. However, this risk is exacerbated when load shedding is brought into the mix.


At CC&A, we handle each claim in its own merit. If you arrive home to find you have been broken into and that your alarm did not alert your security company because the backup battery ran flat due to extended periods of load shedding, you may wonder where you stand with your insurance policy.


If the policyholder checked the alarm before leaving their house and then set the alarm, then he would have complied with the alarm requirement of the Household Contents policy and will not be in breach of all terms and conditions of the policy.


If you are concerned about load shedding while you are away on holiday, give us a call or book an appointment to see us so we can offer you the reassurance that you need.