What is SASRIA Cover and Why Do You Need it?

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Photo by Pawel Janiak 

When it comes to cover for your business, there are so many vulnerabilities to insure that it can be easy to miss an important commercial insurance product and be left exposed in a time of crisis. This couldn’t be more evident in recent events, when senseless riots and looting led to the damage and destruction of valuable business goods and infrastructure. Billions of rands were lost, and many were left wondering whether their insurance would pay out.

The South African unrest certainly highlighted why SASRIA cover is essential for business owners. This specialised insurance covers against civil commotion, public disorder, riots and terrorism and the damage that these acts can cause. And South Africa are one of the few countries in the world that have this type of insurance.

SASRIA can be a huge help when it comes to getting businesses back on their feet, restoring liquidity after special risk events. From preventing job losses and maintaining livelihoods to restoring economic stability, this cover can provide much relief and peace of mind in politically unstable times. As Commercial Insurance brokers, we feel it is our responsibility to inform you that this cover must be taken with an underlying policy and that there are limits to it (as with any cover).

While we cannot predict the future and what it will bring, we can always plan for all eventualities and make sure that we have our bases covered. If you are concerned that you have business blind spots and need specialised advice on the biggest risks that your business faces and how these can be mitigated, our expert business brokers are more than happy to assist and are just a phone call away.

We are extremely proud of how our brokers have handled this past crisis and have been constantly on call, helping our clients and putting their minds at ease. These hard times have shown that our team really is made of tough stuff and is there when they’re needed the most. We’re confident that they can bring our clients the best possible service, even in the direst circumstances!