Why You Should Get a Brokerage to Handle Your Film & Entertainment Production Cover

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1st August 2021
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The Film and Entertainment industry is one fraught with risk, and a single mistake can cost millions of rands! The lengths producers go to in order to entertain can be quite extreme and can put them under loads of pressure. This pressure, however, should not have to lead to sleepless nights filled with worry.

Utilising an insurance brokerage can give them the peace of mind they need to put all their focus towards capturing their audience’s attention. It can also save them a lot of money and time.

Don’t Let Insurance Companies Pull the Wool Over Your Eyes

When you’re not clued up on all the insurance speak or industry jargon, it can be quite overwhelming when starting the journey of searching for the ideal insurance policies to suit each production project, and the time it takes to do this could be better spent elsewhere.

In addition to this, because each project is unique and has different production requirements, the process of estimating your risks is not as simple and straightforward as insuring a car or your household contents, for example, and it’s easy to have the wool pulled over your eyes. The colossal task of covering your F&E project is clearly better left to the professionals.

Choose A Brokerage You Can Trust

But not just any brokerage will do! Not all insurance brokers have the experience to fully understand the risks involved in the world of F&E and to accurately assess your biggest risks, and even if they do, some may take advantage of your lack of knowledge, leading you to pay more than you should.

 At CC&A, we have both the experience and the integrity to give you the best cover for your budget. We have been working with the F&E industry for over three decades and know its risks inside out!

We will advise you on a project-by-project basis and suggest the best type of insurance for your needs.

Be it cover for a pre-shoot prep, a single day or for a few months, we can walk with you through every leg of your insurance journey and explain typical insurance speak in easy and simple to understand language. You can also rely on us to provide you with honest advice that not’s lead by the desire to line our pockets (we are held accountable to the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) and our Treating Clients Fairly policy).

If you’d like more information on our F&E insurance services, kindly get in touch with our friendly brokers.