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4th May 2017
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9th May 2017

As discussed in our previous blog about Junk Status, the cost of living will be on the rise fairly soon and we are sure you’ll be re-looking at your budget to figure out where to cut costs. This time, we’ve got good news for you: Telematics can help you save money on your car insurance premium.


What is Telematics?

Although we have covered this before in our blog section, we felt it best to define this briefly once again. Simply put, Telematics is a small box fitted in your vehicle that measures how you drive and has a number of other useful functions as well.


Business Dictionary defines the concept as a “wireless communication network supporting remote applications such as vehicle location, navigating, monitoring and providing emergency help.”


How Will It Save You Money?

By measuring the way you drive, Telematics is able to determine whether you are a safe driver or a dangerous one. As a safe driver, your risk of being in an accident or damaging your vehicle is much lower than a dangerous driver. So why should you pay the same amount?


What Is Measured?

Telematics measures your distance travelled on a daily basis, your speed statistics as well as the way you handle your vehicle around corners and braking. All of this data is then used to create your very own driver profile, which assists us in adjusting your car insurance premium accordingly.


Don’t you think it’s time that you took your car insurance premium into your own hands? Contact CC&A Insurance Brokers today to find out more about what we can do to help you save money.


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