Safety and Security – How are drones pushing the boundaries?

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10th March 2016
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21st March 2016

The arrival of drones into modern society is shifting the boundaries of businesses across the board.  We have talked about the use of drones in mining and in film and entertainment in previous articles. However, the security industry is making incredible strides into drone use.

In fact, security is becoming increasingly hi-tech and makes use of cutting-edge developments as they are uncovered. We have seen the leap from the policeman on the corner to fixed-angle CCTV cameras to auto tracking. The grainy, low-quality pictures have evolved into high-definition images clearly showing details such as faces and license plates.

Now, we see the progression to airborne, roving surveillance with the ability to report back to HQ with real-time information.

These technological advances in drones offer many benefits.

In the US, surveillance drones are being employed to patrol borders to prevent large numbers of people entering the country illegally.

Security firms are using drones to scout hazardous situations without placing humans in danger. These drones are fitted with high definition cameras with real-time uplinks to control centres. Images of crowds, volatile conditions and even buildings and properties can be used to find immediate solutions if necessary. This footage is incredibly useful for legal proceedings, safety developments and training purposes.

One of the major benefits of drone use, however, has to be the impact they are making in conservation. Anti-poaching teams have limited resources, and the use of aircraft to monitor the endangered animals in their care is costly. As soon as sufficient battery life was available, drones have been employed to patrol the habitats of these animals – equipped with thermal imaging cameras. This development has proven extremely beneficial, as the teams can now quickly intercept poachers before animals are harmed.

While drones are mostly operated by skilled people on the ground, their continued development now means that they can be launched and flown automatically. Advanced software can launch a drone at a set time – or they can be triggered by motion sensors, seismic activity or infra-red sensors.

We are sure to see a more exciting developments in drone usage as the technology becomes available. In keeping with these advances, CC&A has comprehensive insurance options available for commercial drone operators.

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