Why CC&A Brokers Are Able to Deliver Speedy Client Service

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1st November 2020
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At CC&A we believe in being open and transparent in all our business dealings. And so, we believe it is important for our clients to have a clear understanding of our process.

As insurance brokers, we do things a little differently. While traditional insurance brokers separate the roles of brokers and underwriters, our brokers often act as underwriters too.

Typically brokers deal with clients, present available insurance products to them, and advise them on the best product to fit their unique needs. Whereas underwriters work in the background, assessing a client’s risks and determining whether they will accept these risks on behalf of the client.

With CC&A combining the role of broker and underwriter, where we hold Binder Agreements with Insurers, we are able to offer our clients much speedier service. This is because our brokers don’t have to pass information on to an underwriter and plead their client’s case, which would otherwise make the process of getting cover much lengthier – we have the authority to bind Risk on behalf of Insurers.

Our Process

In light of these Binder Agreements we hold we can accept risk, underwrite risk, decide fair rates, determine excesses, and administer and settle claims in our office. This makes our process much more efficient and saves valuable time.

Let’s face it, the last thing anyone wants when something goes wrong, and they have to claim, is to   jump through hoops and make phone call after phone call, only to play a waiting game, nervously biding their time and wondering whether their claim will be accepted or not.

We also understand that when our clients are looking to get their valuables covered, they don’t want to wait unnecessarily for this and remain vulnerable to risk.

Because we know how uncomfortable these situations are for our clients, we have ensured that our claiming process is as straight forward and short as possible.

For any queries on our process, kindly get in touch with our team who are always happy to assist.