Think like a criminal.

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Think like a criminal.

The reality of living in South Africa is that we need to be extra vigilant at all times with what happens around us. Being mindful of what takes place around our homes and while we drive, will help with keeping you and your family safe and secure.

When it comes to house burglaries, criminals generally look for a few signs when choosing their next target. You have to think like a criminal to stay one step ahead of them. Here are a few tips to look out for.

Tip 1: Watch what you throw out.

Criminals notice boxes that are thrown out from recent purchases like TV’s or computers. They usually walk around neighbourhoods on trash days to see what has been thrown out. It’s a good idea to either burn these boxes or cut them up to put into black bags so they are not seen.

Tip 2: Keep it clean.

Criminals like homes that are surrounded by bush and foliage where they can easily hide unseen. Try to keep your hedges and trees around your property neat and tidy and cut back where possible.

Tip 3: Dog security.

Dogs are more than just a nice to have, they are great deterrents as well. Most criminals are put off even by a small dog because they are good alarms. Big dog breeds can also be fantastic bodyguards.

Tip 4: Install outside lighting.

An illuminated home is a safer home. Criminals don’t like to be seen so they tend to break in on a dark side of the house. Installing lighting around your entire home will stop criminals from hiding in any dark corners, and most likely deter them altogether.

Tip 5: The real deal.

It’s a good idea to have a jewellery box with fake jewellery on display. This will be the first thing that criminals see and will deter them from finding the real jewellery. Some good places to store valuables are generally in attics, bedrooms, broom cupboards or kitchen cupboards.

There are plenty of ways to kerb criminal activities, you just need to be alert and proactive. Having the right insurance for your household goods is also important. Find out more about our personal insurance offerings here.

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