While your plot may enjoy a twist or two, it’s not something that you would welcome when you’re shooting a film.

The entertainment industry – like all businesses – carries risk.

Anyone who has been involved in a feature film, documentary, commercial production, or TV series well knows that the threat of disaster is a permanent feature.

Film and commercial producers’ insurance is a necessity – especially when considering the outlay. Production companies can spend millions of Rands a day with no tangible product, and costs can easily escalate.

What does film and entertainment insurance cover?

While this list is not exhaustive, it will give some indication of where the major risks lie in film production.
• Equipment failure or damage
• Set or prop damage
• Loss of jewellery, art, or wardrobe items
• Third Party Property damage
• Public Liability
• Vehicle accidents
• On-set accidents/ personal injury
• Employer’s Liability
• Lawsuits including libel, copyright infringement, or breach of contract
• Errors and Omissions
• Schedule and budget overrun
• Post production matters
• Stunts or special effects
• Death or disability of crew or cast
• Non-appearance of cast
• Weather-related risks
• Extra Expense

In addition to the above, producers need to consider the risks associated with offshore or foreign filming. Getting a local insurance broker involved from the start of a production mitigates the risk of operating in unfamiliar surroundings.

In this highly specialised field, it would be wise to talk to an insurance broker with extensive experience in the film and entertainment industry.

CC&A Insurance Brokers have over 30 years of film industry experience, and are the ideal choice for all producers, from commercial productions to independently funded projects.

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