What to expect as a new homeowner.

Tips for first-time homeowners.
2nd December 2017
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19th January 2018

What to expect as a new homeowner.

As a new homeowner, the paperwork and tasks that need to be done before you take ownership of your home can be daunting. Once all the attorney and bond paperwork is in order, there is still the issue of transferring utility bills and other expenses into your name and to the new address. Make sure you are aware of what needs to be done before you move and once you have moved in so that you are not left in the dark so to speak.

Things to do before you move in.

Transfer utilities and bills.

You will need to transfer the electricity and water utilities from the previous owner into your name. The owner will need to cancel it in their name first and then you will be able to transfer it into your name. If you will be using a landline, you will need to transfer this into your name as well or apply for a new number. There is internet to think about as well – transfer your existing internet package or apply for a new one in the area. These transfers can take anywhere from 1 week to months, so be sure to plan ahead.

Your accounts and bills will need to be redirected to your new address. Institutes like the bank, insurance broker, the gym, retail stores where you have accounts, cell phone contract holders and other important billing systems will need to be made aware of your change in address. These bills need to be redirected to your new address so that unwanted eyes at the old address are not able to access your personal information.

Bond Insurance.

Bond insurance is so important to have, to cover you in the event of you not being able to pay your bond. This is generally done through the bank where your bond sits – make sure to ask your financial advisor about this, as well as any other areas that you should be covered for. We are also able to assist you should you have nay questions or concerns in this regard.

Prepping your home.

There may be things that would be better done before you move in, such as painting or renovations. If budget allows, try to have these done before to avoid too much mess and hassle once you have moved in.

If you can’t afford to have these elements completed before you move in, don’t stress. Sometimes it is better to live in a space before you do too many additions or renovations, so you can get to know the home and what will work best for you and your family.

Moving in.

If you will be making use of a moving company, use a reputable company. Compare quotes, don’t settle for the first quote you receive. Then choose the most affordable with the best service offering. You will also need to make sure that the moving company has insurance cover in the event that they are robbed or in an accident on the way to your new destination. This will cover any damage or theft that may occur in the moving process.

When it comes to packing up your home, pack in an orderly way so as to avoid confusion later on. Start with one room and label each box, for example Kitchen cutlery. This will allow you to move all boxes from one room at a time and then easily find where they belong at the new house.

Know your house systems.

As soon as you are moved in, or even before if possible, get to know how your electrical, water systems, fireplace, air conditioners and filters work. Know where these are all found in case of the power tripping or water not working correctly. Find out where the sewer system is located and soak pit if there is one. In addition, check that all keys are handed over and fit the locks provided. These are all important aspects to be aware of when purchasing and moving into a new home.

Remember that this is a huge step in your life and an exciting one at that. Take things slowly,

Double check that you have done everything that needs to be done and then enjoy the process. Talk to us about household insurance once you are moved in, so we can keep your new home and its contents covered.