Christmas Holidays are Around the Corner: Don’t be Left Uninsured!

The dilemma of being under-insured in the event of a disaster.
26th September 2017
Five ways to secure your home before you go on holiday.
2nd October 2017

Christmas Holidays are Around the Corner: Don’t be Left Uninsured!


Family holidays are great for the soul – they help us to reconnect with our loved ones; to spend some much-needed quality time together – laughing, talking and interacting; and getting the rest we so need at the end of a busy year.

All of this can, however, be torn apart by the realisation that your home has been broken into and precious goods were stolen. Besides the sentimental value that these possess, the financial value can be huge and extremely hard to recover from if not fully insured. It can be completely heartbreaking coming home, only to find that it has been ransacked, with all of your hard-earned possessions gone in a flash.

As devastating as this is, it would be even more devastating to know that you are not insured and there is no way, other than to pay out your own pocket, to replace these items.

With Christmas only a couple of months away (we can’t believe it either!), it’s important now more than ever to ensure that you can go away for the holidays knowing your household goods are covered in the event of theft or damage.

In a 2015/16 report from Statistics South Africa, it was found that housebreaking peaked during the months of March and June and then again in December, during the main holiday months.

With this in mind, Household Insurance is critical to have in place. It covers anything from designer shoes to digital devices. Everything that you feel is too valuable to replace or that you just can’t live without, should be covered.

You can choose the extent to which you would like to cover your household items, by talking to one of our qualified consultants. Tailor your insurance to suit your needs, so that you are not left in the dark these holidays.

Contact us today to ensure you and your family have a happy holiday, knowing your home is covered by CC&A Insurance Brokers.

“The article should not be considered legal or financial advice and is for information purposes only. You should consult with a professional financial advisor to determine what may be best for your individual needs.”