29th August 2016
19th September 2016
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Hi Candice,

I want to congratulate CC&A’s staff for the incredible competence that I experience every time I call your office. The call is answered immediately, I’m put through to the correct person, I get the information required immediately, or soon thereafter by email. This is such a breath of fresh air when dealing with companies today.

When I call the bank I have 1 in 5 chance of them answering and when they do I have to press all sorts of buttons and 10 minutes later I’m either at the wrong place and have to start all over again or the call is merely terminated. So I revert to email and then receive 3 varied out of office responses. After threatening, and if I’m lucky, I may get assistance.

This accolade is not based on a comparison to other companies but purely on the level of competence experienced that in turn assists all of us to be more productive in what is expected of us.

Well done.