Samantha Anderson

1st November 2020

A Few Things to Keep in Mind Before You Go on Holiday

Photo by Juan Cruz Mountford on Unsplash  After surviving the busy season, you want that holiday that you’ve been looking forward to all year to be as carefree and […]
6th October 2020

Is Your Business POPI Compliant?

With the new Protection of Personal Information Act, No.4 of 2013 (POPI Act), which has been in effect since 1 July 2020, it is essential that your […]
4th August 2020
office security checklist

CC&A’s Office Security Checklist

Photo by MEDIA PROFILE on Unsplash Safely securing our offices should be an essential on all of our to-do lists given these precarious times we find […]
4th August 2020
office fire safety

Office Fire Safety Tips

Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash While the chances of accidental fires in the office may be the last thing on our minds, Winter places us […]
5th May 2020
vehicle recall scam

The Vehicle Recall Scam: What You Need to Know

Photo by Siavash Ghanbari on Unsplash Have you ever been persuaded to give away confidential information or fallen for something that’s clearly too good to be true and later […]
21st April 2020
commercial drone insurance

Commercial Drones: How to Not Fly in the Face of Risk

So, you’ve forked out thousands to get your company up-to-date or make operations easier with the latest commercial drone, featuring all the bells and whistles. Insuring this prize […]
30th March 2020
using drones to fight coronavirus

4 Ways Drones Are Being Used to Fight the Coronavirus

Image:  4 Ways Drones Are Being Used to Fight the Coronavirus  As commercial drone insurers, we at CC&A, have developed a deep appreciation for drones and their […]
30th March 2020
coronavirus business advice

The Coronavirus Outbreak: A Disaster or a Time for Businesses to Wisen Up?

Image courtesy of Saketh Garuda  With widespread fear and panic that has spread just as rapidly as the coronavirus, it’s easy to feel down and overwhelmed – especially if you’re a business […]
30th March 2020
coronovirus in the workplace

Coronavirus in the Workplace: A Helpful Guide for Employers (In Essential Services)

With widespread fear and panic that has ensued with the coronavirus outbreak, it’s not always easy to know how to navigate these unknown waters, especially as an employer and someone […]