4 Ways Drones Are Being Used to Fight the Coronavirus

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4 Ways Drones Are Being Used to Fight the Coronavirus 

As commercial drone insurers, we at CC&A, have developed a deep appreciation for drones and their unique aerial abilities. But what we love most about them, is seeing all the novel ways in which our clients and the general population use them.  

At present we are particularly impressed with how Spanish, Californian and French law enforcement are following China in the intelligent use of drones to help slow the corona curve. These countries have quite literally risen to the occasion with specially equipped aerial technology.  

Take a look at some of the ways these countries are using drones to keep COVID-19 at bay.  

A Bird’s Eye View of the Outbreak 

Fitting drones with cameras is nothing new, but what is new is using these drones to enforce social isolation. Drones are helping police around the world get a good idea of whether or not citizens are adhering to the request to stay indoors and only leave their homes for essential trips. And what’s really great is the fact that they can keep a safe distance away from potentially infected people.  

Loud About the Law 

While drones whizzing by with loudspeakers, instructing citizens to stay indoors, may seem a little eerie or futuristic, it’s turning out to be an effective way to enforce the law. With some drones boasting the power of 100 decibels, the law can get pretty loud! 

Spraying COVID-19 Away 

As a natural progression from using drones to spray pesticides in agricultural applications, drones have now been used in China to spray disinfectants on epidemic prevention vehicles and on public surfaces.  

Fast & Efficient Sampling 

In attempts to minimise unnecessary human contact, drones are being used to deliver medical samples at impressive speeds and minimal costs. This, of course, delivers faster feedback on the tests that patients and medical workers need. In a trip from the People’s Hospital of Xinchang County to the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, travel was reduced from an estimated 20 minutes to only 6 minutes!  

The importance of properly piloted drones in our society is quite evident. But what’s just as important is covering them with commercial drone insurance to ensure that if anything goes south operational downtime is minimized. From all of us at CC&A Insurance Brokers, we urge you to stay inside and stay safe!